Natures Templates

I'm always on a quest to find unique ways to create textures in my paintings and techniques that help to create abstract landscapes in watercolors. After some experimentation, here is a  short Youtube video on my experiments in using nature's templates to create interesting textures in watercolors. Explore ways to use these templates to create abstract watercolor landscapes. I hope you find this useful and would love to hear your comments.


  1. I took a class in botanical stamping. We learned that if you want your watercolor paint to cover you leaf well you must give it a little wash with dish detergent to remove the natural oils. Not necessarily needed for an abstract but if you want a clearer stamp in the future. I do love using plant material in my paintings and collages. I haven't done it for quite awhile, though.

  2. Interesting and meditative process!

    1. Thanks Padmaja. I need to get back to blogging regularly.

  3. Thanks for the tip Janet.


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