Through The Mist

I haven't painted in a while because I was too busy creating how-to courses. Decided today was time to paint again. It was great getting back in the painting groove and doing something really loose and semi-abstract. I am working on being more abstract with my landscapes. I always admire the work of artists who paint interesting abstract landscapes - something I wish I was better at. Well, it makes life interesting when you make your craft a continual learning experience.


  1. It's funny to hear you say you wish you were better at more abstract landscapes as I have always thought you were really strong in that area? However I have to agree it is a constant learning experience where we're all striving to improve.....I doubt we'll ever get there (wherever there is)as for me, the destination is for ever changing, sometimes getting closer sometimes moving further away so as long as it is always moving, I can't see I'll ever reach it!! And actually I think it is the constant striving to get there which keeps us motivated, if we ever arrived, what more could we do?

  2. You are right Judith about sometimes getting there and sometimes moving further away. That's exactly my experience. Glad to see others have the same experience. Abstracts are way more difficult for me than painting something I see.

  3. I love the way the colors are flowing in to each other, your recent works have been expressive and abstracted, you have a style there!


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