On The Cliff

This was an experiment with textures. I wanted to paint a subject where I could practice using different textures - hence the cliff.  I used burnt sienna, burnt umber and sepia ink for the cliff and dribbled granulation medium in different areas to get texture. I also did some spattering. For the sky and distant trees I used indigo and indian yellow.I was quite satisfied with the cliff but feel the sky could have been a little more muted.


Rain Squall

An attempt to capture the rain clouds I observed a few days ago. I worked wet-in-wet for the soft effect of the clouds and when that was dry, I painted in the mountains with hard edges as a contrast to the sky. I used just three colors - Payne's grey, burnt umber and yellow ochre.  Size: 11.5x 7.5".


Marsh Light

I have done a number of watercolors of the local marshes. They really appeal to me - not sure why.  I used a dropper filled with watercolor to draw the reeds. I find it easier to be more loose with this method. The sky is done in layers with raw sienna for the under painting then red iron oxide with some neutral tint added. The hills in the background were a mixture of cobalt blue mixed with some Payne's grey. Size is 10.5"X13.5".