Moonlight on Richardson Bay

When the full moon shines over Richardson Bay in Sausalito it creates wonderful reflections on the water. I've always wanted to capture this in a watercolor but wasn't too confident I could pull it off successfully until I found a demonstration recently in a book published in 1973 called The Watercolor Painting Book. It had a section on how to paint moonlight. I used the technique described to capture the view I have from my deck at night. I used the colors suggested in the book which were hooker's green, French ultramarine and burnt sienna. Size is 14" x 10".


Overcast At The Shore

We take our dog to Rodeo Beach, one of our local unspoiled beaches in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Often, in the morning, the fog comes in and creates a fine mist that makes everything look almost monotone and out of focus.  It's really beautiful. In this watercolor I tried to create the misty atmosphere. It was a good exercise in attempting to paint an atmospheric watercolor. I will have another crack at this because I think I can improve on it - I hope. I was pleased with the colors. Size is 14" X 10".