Watercolorist Linda Kemp

One of the many watercolor books I've bought over the years is Linda Kemp's "Watercolor Painting Outside The Lines." I was so intrigued by her technique of negative painting that I had to try it. Her demonstrations make it look so easy, but I have yet to master the technique. I like her work so much that I wanted to share it with my fellow artists. This painting by Linda is an example of her technique.

Here also is a link to her website where you can see more of her paintings, view a short demonstration of negative painting, or order her DVD or best-selling book, and see her list of workshop schedules.

For a complete demonstration of two negative paintings - one a landscape and the other a Wisteria plant - scroll down at this site and look for her name. It is really worth watching all eight demonstration clips. It's a totally different approach to watercolor painting.