Making Color Sing: A Watercolorist's How-to (Book Review)

In my quest to be a good painter I have bought many books and how-to DVDs on various techniques in watercolor painting. While some of them were helpful, one that really stands out and is my constant companion and reference book, is Jeanne Dobie's "Making Color Sing." As listed on the cover, it's "practical lessons in color and design."

This book is a must read for any aspiring watercolorist.

Dobie encourages you to forget the formulas, rules, and triads that she feels restrict your creativity. The book features many of her paintings which demonstrate her unique ability to make something as ordinary as a refrigerator become a most appealing painting. I was first drawn to this book by the beautiful cover picture of an English village. I knew that anyone who could paint like this would have something useful to say.

Chapters include: Mixing Powerful Color; Achieving Luminous Grays; Facing the Challenge of Green; Creating Distance and Atmosphere; Layering with Glazes; Creating Transition Between Colors; Invoking Visual Tension. These are just a few of the 31 chapters covering extremely useful guides to becoming a better watercolorist.