Fall Colors

It's that time of year again. I love painting the fall colors - reminds me of our time living in Virginia. I donated this watercolor to my local Marin Society of Artists for their annual auction fundraiser. Each time I paint one of these scenes I try out different colors. For this piece I first thoroughly wet the paper and then painted a very diluted wash of oreolin. After it was dry I spattered different combinations of color with different size brushes and then spritzed the spatters with water just slightly to give the spatters uneven shapes. When that was dry I dabbed the piece with scrunched up saran wrap dipped in different colors. I used cad red mixed with new gamboge, raw sienna mixed with burnt sienna, lemon yellow with burnt sienna, oreolin with burnt sienna, and for the browns, burnt sienna mixed with french ultramarine.  I was particularly please with how the brown worked out, also supplying the needed darks to the watercolor.


  1. What a beautiful fall painting! Lovely w arm colors and texture.

  2. One of a kind, your autumn paintings have always been!

    1. Thanks Padmaja. I really like doing them. The colors are happy.

  3. Lovely autumn fall painting. I like it very much. Ciao Jean!

  4. Una preciosidad, jean!!! A mi tanbien me gusta mucho esta estación del año porque podemos jugar con toda una variedad de colores y formas.
    Un abrazo y feliz entrada otoñal.

  5. Turned out beautifully Jean! I love the light trunks with dark accents.


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