Serpentine Mountain

Here is my abstract version of Mt Tam. I used one of the techniques mentioned in Ann Blockley's latest book by using cling film over the wet paint to create texture. The colors I used were quinacridone burnt orange, Prussian green and quinacridone gold - with some sepia ink squeezed under the cling film to add more texture. I thought the textures came out quite well and gave the mountain nice contours while remaining abstract. As it happens the stone on Mt Tam is called serpenting stone and is this very color green. This piece made it into the exhibition.


  1. Brought back memories of my similar effort long back, it is compelling!

  2. you are doing wonderful textured landscapes Jean and I am really enjoying seeing them

  3. Jean, very interesting piece and has more bold color than many of your lovely muted pieces. It works. I must try this technique.


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