Tangled Woodland

autumn landscape

I do like the color combinations in this watercolor experiment. I used quinacridone burnt orange, Prussian green and quinacridone gold. For the sky I used the same colors very diluted and added plastic wrap to the wet paint for subtle texture. The branches on the left were done with sepia ink. For the textures in the lower half I used cheese cloth and a really nice netting that I found at a local fabric store that had more uneven spaces. I tore and pulled it out of shape a little to get a more natural design. See photo below of the netting pattern. You can see the texture from this pattern in the gold and green areas of the painting. In the upper green area I used cheese cloth. Inspired by reading Ann Blockley and attempting to make it my own.


  1. This is fascinating, Jean. I've got Ann's earlier books and video. I'm intrigued by the cheese cloth and netting. How did you use those? Were they just paid onto the wet paint as it dried?

    I really like the textures in this - they work well.

  2. Thanks Vandy. Ann's latest book is really worth having. It has lots of great ideas for textures in watercolors. I did lots of experimenting before coming up with a somewhat acceptable piece.

  3. Nice Jean, your texture elements have worked really well, I keep rereading Ann's book there is so much in it but yet to apply anything to a landscape.

    1. I agree there is so much to take in. I keep re-reading it to absorb everything.

  4. My title suggestion is Brier Patch. First thing that came to mind, no need to add a bunny, though. :-) Love the colors!

  5. looks like you got some super textures and results jean ... the cheese cloth was a good find .. i can only image how inspiring ann's new book is. .


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