Morning Glow

Trying different color combinations with glazing. The sky is a mixture of indigo and Indian yellow. I was pleased with the effect of the glow in the lower sky that one can sometimes see when the sun rises in the morning. The hills and trees are mixtures of burnt sienna and ultramarine and some acrylic sepia ink and some dribbling of granulation medium.


  1. Ciao Jean,
    trovo questo dipinto molto affascinante con i tre alberi che sembrano stare sul palcoscenico di un teatro!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

  2. This is wonderful, Jean. I love the granulation in the foreground. Absolutely fascinating to look at.

    1. Thank you Vandy. I do like using a lot of texture in my watercolors. It kind of stretches the boundaries of watercolors.

  3. The glow is unmistakable! I love the way you placed the trees as the focus and built the composition around them.The texture in your water colors is uniquely becoming your style Jean, love the way you incorporate it.

  4. A really lovely beginning of the day. The colors of the sky are superb. Love it! Ciao Jean.

  5. the sky make it jean wonderful combination

  6. The atmosphere in your beautiful painting is very peaceful.

  7. On the sky did you begin with a light India yellow all over, let it dry and then follow with the indigo blue?


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