Evening On The Lake

I was thinking about adding a tree - for a vertical thrust - on the left of this watercolor but when I tried it on a print I had made for the purpose, I changed my mind. I felt it detracted from the sky which is the main focus of the watercolor.  A friend suggested to me that this would look really good as a very large painting and I think it might. The size of this watercolor is 12" x10". I think I need to retry it on a half sheet (22"x 15").  It lends itself to a wider format.


  1. Very nice - I love the color! I think you made the right choice. I like this without trees!

  2. Found your blog via Carrie Waller's side bar -- I live in San Francisco -- just near by! Let me know next time you have a show coming up -- I'd love to see these beautiful pieces in person!

  3. Very atmospheric and deep in mist, at least it is how I feel this painting.
    Jean, I have never heard of Inktense sticks)). But after googling Inktense, I can say that Neocolor sticks work like dry pastel, but besides they are watersoluble. From my short experience, the colors are very intensive, and I did not figure out how to control their relation with water.

  4. Wow! I love very much the colors and the mood of this gorgeous watercolor. Great job!


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