Marsh Sunset

This was another watercolor that was almost abandoned. I had worked the sky too much, adding too many glazes and it was rather boring.  I let it sit on my easel for weeks until I realized I had nothing to take to class Thursday. Since I had nothing to lose, I again took the magic eraser and gently scraped away a bit of the dark area in the sky for some lights to shine through and I added the M. Graham quanacridone rust in the lower half of the sky. I also decided it needed more reeds in the foreground to create more interest, so added those too. I'm rather pleased that I have been able to salvage two watercolors that otherwise would have gone on the trash pile.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I really love those colors! And I like grass in front of the painting. It's a magic landscape.

  2. Wonderful flow of light in this painting.

  3. E' bellissimo. Il cielo è veramente stupendo e amo molto questo colore. Elvi

  4. The output of your effort turned out to be so good! It is nice that you could salvage your valuable creative energy spent, the lesson for me to learn here is stop trashing, I do it often:-)

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Espero: Thank you for visiting and making such a nice comment on my watercolor.

    Karen: Thanks so much. Capturing light in a painting is what I love to try and do.

    Elvi: Thank you Elvi.

    Padmaja: Yes, we need to try fixing our mistakes before throwing them out. I will be more mindful of that in the future.

  6. Nice work the water is very well done. I always have the tendency to overwork the my sky but I have not tried the eraser trick.



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