Rodeo Lagoon


There are a number of lovely unspoiled beaches that belong to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Rodeo beach in Marin County is one of them. As you enter the beach you cross over the lagoon on a small foot bridge.The area is also a bird sanctuary where you can watch egrets, seagulls and ducks and many other birds feed on the rich sea life. I used artistic license with the colors in the marshy landscape. My colors were raw sienna, burnt sienna, indigo and French ultramarine on Fabriano cold pressed paper. I really like the way the colors came out on the Fabriano paper. I think I will buy more of this. I never get results like this on Arches cold pressed paper. That's why I always tend to use Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. On cold pressed the colors seem to soak into the paper and the end result after drying looks washed out. I need to experiment more with different watercolor papers.


  1. both are beautiful but the artist always excels than the technology...

  2. One of your best I think, the fore ground work is amazing and it has given a depth to the composition.

  3. I love the warm colors of this scene, it looks great! I've never tried Fabriano or hot-pressed paper myself - maybe it's time to experiment...

  4. I love the detail of the grasses in the foreground, the colours used in the painting and the subject matter. One of your best Jean.

  5. What a lovely painting Jean. And there is a big lesson here for me. My version would have been dull greens and greys and finished up looking drab and boring. You've injected life and energy into the scene and produced a better picture than the camera ever could. Fabulous!!!

  6. Anonymous2:13 PM

    jyothisethu: Thanks for your kind comments.

    Padmaja: Thank you. I was rather pleased with the foreground myself.

    Blaga: Always good to experiment. You never know how it will turn out.

    Caroline: Thanks for the positive feedback. It's not my usual style but I was pleased with it.

    John: We are always told in art class not to paint local color but to use our imagination to make it an interesting painting. That advice has helped me a lot.


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