Evening Glow

Another atmospheric watercolor inspired by red skies. I've discovered this effect can only be achieved on hot pressed paper. I first tried it on cold pressed and the colors just soaked in and looked washed out. I'm doing more and more work on hot pressed paper. I like the way it keeps the colors vivid. I used aureolin yellow, brown madder, burnt sienna for the sky and french ultramarine with burnt sienna with a little sepia for the trees.


  1. Looks stunning! It has the finish of an oil and I loved it!

  2. beautiful picture...
    the sun coming through is nicely captured...

  3. A lovely sky, I can feel the warmth from the setting sun.

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Padmaja: Thanks for the wonderful comments. I painted this on hot pressed paper which makes the paint sit on top rather than soak in - maybe that's why you think it looks like an oil painting.

    Jyothisethu: Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Caroline: Thank you. One never knows how things are going to turn out sometimes - especially with watercolors.

  5. Great sky!
    We have very unusual skies in sunsets here. More Hawaii style, then grey Moscow sky in November. Beautiful, but scary.

  6. WOW Jean...from a tree lover and painter...these are gorgeous! Yes, you could do flowers...just do em like this! :)

  7. Great warm evening! Wonderful landscape Jean. I am so glad I found your blog :)

    Thank you,

  8. Jean, so nice to hear from you on my blog. This piece is beautifully done. I must say I was especially drawn to your previous post of the cliff and the lone tree. It makes me think of a recent Wayne Thibaud show where he had some very dramatic cliffs. Of course, yours are uniquely you, but you are in great company!!


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