Painting Mist in Watercolors - FREE class

I've created this free short video on my Teachable page for anyone who wants to  learn how to paint mist in watercolors - even if you are a beginner. It's very easy to follow using a technique I learned many years ago. Signup and enjoy at http://watercolor-painting.teachable.com/courses/painting-mist-in-watercolors

Here is what one of my students, Michael Mitchel produced using the same colors I did but getting completely different results. I love how each artist has their own interpretation of a subject and how their own style shines through.


Wild Grasses

Experimenting with different textures. For the orange background I used a netting material that I bought at a fabric store and in the foreground I dribbled granulation medium over sepia ink. Colors are Daniel Smith's quinacridone burnt orange and prussian green and Winsor & Newton's raw sienna for the sky area. Size: 10" x 8". http://www.jeanlurssen.com/


Landscape Patterns

More experimenting with color and textures. I am pleased with this one. The colors worked out well together. I used Daniel Smith's perrylene violet, quinacridone gold and permanent brown (which is actually a very nice reddish color). For the trees I used burnt umber acrylic ink. When you experiment sometimes the colors don't quite work well together, or are too bright or dull or end up being muddy. I threw three in the trash before coming up with this one.


Brooding Sky

We have had some pretty stormy weather lately which inspired this watercolor. I used only three colors - burnt sienna, indigo and French ultramarine. Every now and then I am really pleased with a painting and don't nitpick about what I could have done better and this is one that I am rather pleased with. I also recently revamped my web site - after using wordpress for many years I decided to make the change-over to Squarespace with a more modern look. If you are interested in seeing my new site please click on this link.


Desert Sunset

Back to glazing again. I love painting layers and layers of thin watercolors to create a glowing effect. I also love painting sunsets, which lend themselves to this layering effect. I used new gamboge, transparent pyrrol orange and a new color for me, permanent brown, all of these are Daniel Smith colors. Permanent brown is actually a lovely deep red color. I painted this on Saunders Waterford cold pressed 140lb paper. I really love the way this paper takes color.



This is a place in Cumbria, England called Grange Over Sands. The photo below is courtesy of a cousin. I liked the peaceful scene but wanted to change the colors to create a more atmospheric feeling to the place. Hope I achieved this. Artistic license is a liberating feeling.


Dreamscape II

First painting of the new year. Feeling inspired. Trying out new colors and textures - having fun. Painting is great therapy. It's my way to relax.  Just wish I was better at coming up with good titles for my paintings. Something I need to work on this year. For the trees in this watercolor I used transparent red oxide and for the grays in the foreground I used cobalt blue + aureolin yellow + rose madder genuine. I am pleased with the results. Trying to keep my watercolors loose.



After spending the last few months creating my painting videos on Udemy, I finally got down to painting again. I decided to try using colors I had never used before and see if I could incorporate them into a landscape. I think if worked for this imaginary landscape and I am pleased with the results. I used phthalo turquoise, transparent red Iron oxide and quinacridone burnt scarlet. Thenn while still wet, used some cling film to create the textures in the foreground. For sale on my web site at http://thewatercolorist.net/dreamscape/


How To Paint Loose In Watercolors

I am thrilled that my second watercolor course has now been published on udemy.com.  The title is, Painting Loose in Watercolors - Let Me Show You How. I do two demonstrations of thistles. If any of my blogger friends are interested in doing the course I have a special on the course for more than half off with coupon code PL12. In this course I do two demonstrations of thistles and three demonstrations of how to create texture in watercolors.  My intro video which describes the course can be seen by clicking on the course name in this post.


Fall Scene Video Course

I'm very excited that my video course on how to paint this fall scene now has more than 700 students enrolled on the learning site Udemy.com. Now I have to get down to painting again since I am running out of inventory, having spent the last six weeks doing this video.