I went out of my comfort zone to see if I could pull off painting a sunflower wet-in-wet. I probably chose one of the most difficult flowers to paint in this style. I filmed the process and have posted it on my Youtube channel for anyone who is interested. The colors I used were, winsor yellow, new gamboge, perylene green, perylen violet and a little transparent pyrrole orange - all Daniel Smith colors except for the winsor yellow. I enjoyed the experience and think I will continue practicing florals wet-in-wet.


Storm Over The Marsh

Another wet-in-wet watercolor inspired by World Watercolor Month. I love to paint the marshes in different lights. I used only three colors for this watercolor, raw sienna, burnt sienna and neutral tint. I find the neutral tint mixed with burnt sienna makes a lovely rich dark.


Through The Haze

Working on my wet-in-wet skills and trying to loosen up and create more of an abstract landscape. I quite liked the effect of this one. I actually used neutral tint and raw sienna for the sky and raw sienna, indigo and burnt umber for the land area. It's World Watercolor Month this month so I feel compelled to paint more watercolors to celebrate.


Setting Sun

I'm doing a series on Youtube about color choices for beginners. Last week's video was about the reds I use. I did a demonstration on painting a sunset with a few different reds. It wasn't intended for it to be a finished painting, but I liked how it was going, so I finished it up off camera and posted it on my web site.


Stormy Sky

I am in the process of creating a new video course on how to paint dramatic skies. This is the painting that I am demonstrating. I am quite pleased with how it came out. I was going to add some distant trees on the right but decided against it at the last minute. Still not sure if that was the right decision. Would love some opinions on this.


Evening Glow

Painted this quick demo as part of my latest Youtube video on watercolor choices for beginners. Anyone interested can find the video at at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeoS4QBSfWc


You tube demonstration on creating textures in watercolor

I've been doing a series of videos on Youtube on how to create textures in watercolor. This is #4 in the series. To watch the others go to my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDD3LH45Pom4Ivx4OmugxTQ?view_as=subscriber and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future how-to demonstrations. Enjoy!


Painting Mist in Watercolors - FREE class

I've created this free short video on my Teachable page for anyone who wants to  learn how to paint mist in watercolors - even if you are a beginner. It's very easy to follow using a technique I learned many years ago. Signup and enjoy at http://watercolor-painting.teachable.com/courses/painting-mist-in-watercolors

Here is what one of my students, Michael Mitchel produced using the same colors I did but getting completely different results. I love how each artist has their own interpretation of a subject and how their own style shines through.


Wild Grasses

Experimenting with different textures. For the orange background I used a netting material that I bought at a fabric store and in the foreground I dribbled granulation medium over sepia ink. Colors are Daniel Smith's quinacridone burnt orange and prussian green and Winsor & Newton's raw sienna for the sky area. Size: 10" x 8". http://www.jeanlurssen.com/


Landscape Patterns

More experimenting with color and textures. I am pleased with this one. The colors worked out well together. I used Daniel Smith's perrylene violet, quinacridone gold and permanent brown (which is actually a very nice reddish color). For the trees I used burnt umber acrylic ink. When you experiment sometimes the colors don't quite work well together, or are too bright or dull or end up being muddy. I threw three in the trash before coming up with this one.